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Dear attendee, thanks for being apart of the first ever X-Us Conference in Sydney. We couldn't have done it without you. We really hope you enjoyed the event and have become inspired to help lead the change to transform the world.

We would like to know how we went so please take 5 minuites to let us know your thoughts.

* 1. Overall, how would you rate X-Us Conference 2017?

* 2. How unique was X-Us Conference 2017?

* 3. How did you hear about X-Us Conference 2017?

* 4. Do you think the event was too long, too short, or about right?

* 5. How organised was the event?

* 6. How would you rate the venue/location? (including amenities)

* 7. What did you like about the event? What did you dislike about the event? How could we improve? Add any other comments.

* 8. If we ran a similar event in the future, who or what topics would you like to hear? Do you have a preference where and when an X-Us Conference would be ran (city/regional), (summer/winter)

* 9. On a scale from 1 (not at all relevant/interesting) to 7 (extremely relevant/interesting), please rate the presentations in terms of content.

  Not viewed presentation 1-Not at all relevant/interesting 2 3 4 5 6 7-Extremely relevant/interesting
Duncan Roads - The secret history of Australia
Jim & Lisa McDonald - Plasma science and Keshe technology: the peace evolution
Mariana Flynn - Insight into complexities of ET visitations & abductions
Kassandra Scardino - The future of natural health
Brendan D Murphy - Re-tuning the collective consciousness
Megan Heazlewood - Crop circles: A true enigma
Richard Dolan - The secret space program
Duncan Roads - The big picture, exo-politics, what’s going on behind the scenes?
Mark Robinson - Alternative currencies: government, bank control & secrecy

* 10. Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey. To be in the running to win a meditation recording by Senka Pupacic or a singing lesson by Mike Starman (X-Us 2017 host) please enter your email address.

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