Canberra City Farm is keen to deliver a range of workshops that are of value to the Canberra community, so following are questions that will help inform what workshops we focus on.

* 1. What practical demonstrations would you like Canberra City Farm to do?

  High priority Medium priority Low priority Not of interest I can help teach/organise this I know someone who could teach this
1. Growing from seeds and cuttings
2. Seed saving
3. Short introduction to permaculture
4. Mushroom cloning and growing
5. Soil testing
6. Making compost
7. Brewing activated compost tea
8. Growing food in small spaces - balcony's and courtyard's
9. Constructing planter beds
10. Constructing a wicking bed
11. Creating a food forest
12. Creating an indigenous food garden
13. Creating a multicultural food garden
14. Constructing an aquaponics system
15. How best to use fruits, vegetables and herbs in the kitchen
16. Preserving the harvest
17. Creating garden art
18. Building a chicken coop
19. Building a cob shade structure
20. Building a cob oven
21. How to construct and use a solar cooker
22. How to seal and insulate a home properly

* 2. What are your preferred days and times for workshops?

  Morning Afternoon Evening

* 3. Up until now, were you aware of the upcoming workshops that are shown on the Canberra City Farm website?

* 4. As a survey indicator, please provide us with your suburb.

* 5. Please provide your contact details if you would like to be contacted about this survey or would like to help us with one of the workshops.