1. Visitor Survey (2012)

* 1. How did you hear about Isthmus Food & Wine Festival?

* 2. How would you describe your Isthmus Food & Wine Festival 2012 experience in 2 sentences or less?

* 3. How did you feel about the size of the Isthmus Food & Wine Festival 2012?

* 4. Did you buy any items from vendors?

* 5. What types of vendors would you like to see added to the event?

* 6. Do you know of any vendors that did not participate this year, but that you think would be a good fit? (Please include contact information if you have it!)

* 7. Have you been to the Food & Wine Festival in the past? If so how did you feel about the difference between this year and years past?

* 8. What is your ideal event schedule?

* 9. Do you plan on attending Isthmus Food & Wine Festival 2013?

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* 11. Additional suggestions or comments...