Before applying please read this quick overview of the Sullivan Fellows experience

Open to 10-15 participants in the inaugural year, the seven-month post-graduate leadership experience will include a fall and spring retreat as well as group coaching and individual mentoring designed to help Fellows reflect and refine their personal leadership development including creating their “entrepreneurial life plan.” 

Participants will also be given an opportunity to define and deepen the impact they aspire to have in their community through a social impact project or initiative.  The inaugural year of the Impact Leaders program will run from October 2022-April 2023 – culminating at the spring 2023 Ignite Retreat.

Impact Leaders will be selected based on the following criteria:
  • A recipient of the Sullivan Award, or a past participant of the Ignite Retreat who has graduated from college, who are under the age of 35; 
  • A clear articulation of their reasons for wanting to participate in the Impact Leaders program through five short essays and accompanying 2-minute video; and
  • A demonstrated track record of servant leadership as reflected in a resume or short bio.