Over the last 28 years I have been a resident of Maplewood Village, I have owned a retail establishment in Maplewood Village (Freeman's Fish Market), I am the parent of entrepreneurs in Maplewood Village, I currently run my consulting business in Maplewood Village, and I even commuted to NYC via NJ Transit from Maplewood in my corporate days.

I share this background to demonstrate a broad perspective on issues related to Maplewood, including parking in the Village. This week the Maplewood Patch featured an article regarding a Village parking ordinance being discussed tonight by the Township Committee, and then voted on at their meeting on December 18th.

I thought it would be interesting to ask you, someone who has an interest in Maplewood Village, what your perspective is on the ordinance via a brief survey. My purpose in soliciting your view is twofold:

1) To gain a broader perspective on the Village Parking Issue and specifically this ordinance, so our local politicians can benefit from this insight in their decisioning.

2) To identify a means of engaging the community so we have a clearer understanding of issues and the decisions being made - the why, how, and what of the decision.

My commitment is to share the results with survey respondents, and the Township Committee, which is why I need your response ASAP, but no later than December 15th. The survey should not require more than 5 minutes to complete