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1. Have you used any recipes from the Growing Eden cookbook?

2. If you have made any of our recipes, what recipes have you made? If you have not made any recipes yet, what recipes do you intend to make?

3. How likely are you to use the recipes in our cookbook?

4. Were the recipes easy to follow?

5. How would you rate the outcome of the recipe(s) you used?

Delicious, one of the best dishes I have had
Tasty, but I have had better
Good, average tasting
Ok, but I would change the recipe
Not good, it's not the type of cuisine I usually eat
Not good, I did not like the recipe
Awful, one of the worst dishes I have made

6. How important is cooking healthy meals to you?

7. What do you like most about the Growing Eden cookbook??

8. The cost for each recipe was based on 2012 prices. Was this information helpful?

9. Overall, are you satisfied with your experience using the Growing Eden cookbook?, neither satisfied or dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it?

10. Is there a recipe you would like us to make? Please feel free to offer any other feedback or opinions.