Selected Posts on Culture and Humorous Posts

I'll be publishing a book of selected op-eds and blog posts.  I'd like to hear readers' opinions about which to include.  Below are some of my posts on culture, as well as some of my attempts at humorous posts.  Click here to rate my posts on moral psychology, here to rate my posts on technology, and here to rate my posts of belief, desire, and self-knowledge.  Future polls will cover posts on other themes such as consciousness, cosmology, and meta-philosophy.

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* 1. Please rate these selected posts on culture, including humorous posts (click link to view post, if you like)  The posts will be revised for book format.

  No, Don't! Meh Good A Favorite Haven't Read It
On the Morality of Hypotenuse Walking
The Legend of the Leaning Behaviorist
What Happens to Democracy When the Experts Can't Be Both Factual and Balanced?
Psychology Research in the Age of Social Media
Dreidel: A Seemingly Foolish Game That Contains the Moral World in Miniature
Does It Matter If the Passover Story Is Literally True?
"Humbling" Experiences?
Thoughts on Conjugal Love
Memories of My Father
How Everyone Might Reasonably Believe They Are Much Better Than Average
Competing Perspectives on the Significance of One's Final, Dying Thought
Empty Box Rationalization
How to Get a Big Head in Academia
The 10 Worst Things about Listicles
Invisible Revisions
Professorial Product Placement
The Splintered Mind Liability Release
The Egg Came First
Turning Back Your Eyes
Discourse on the Size of God
The Jerk Quiz
On the Epistemic Status of Deathbed Regrets
The Sucky and the Awesome
Profanity Inflation, Profanity Migration, and the Paradox of Prohibition
Celebrate the Nerd!

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* 2. Comments/suggestions (I'll be editing the selected posts)