My Offering

In order to help our congregation plan for the work that needs to be done and in thanks for all that God has provided, I will bring an offering to the Lord of:
(Please note, this survey is anonymous.)

* 1. Offering Pledge

* 2. Is this an individual or family pledge?

* 3. If a family pledge, how many people are included?

* 4. If 180 individual members each contributed and additional $6/week, the $53,000 salary for the Assistant Pastor would be funded.  I/we are able and willing to do so:

Our Lord is faithful in all of His provision for our needs, and I trust in Him to enable me to carry out this pledge of support for His work here at our church.
In order to save a copy of this pledge for yourself, before submitting, copy and paste the text into a Word document, print, and then fill in the responses.  Or you may simply fill out your copy of the paper pledge card if you picked one up at church.  This will serve as a reminder of your pledge for the coming year.
This survey will remain anonymous.