2024 Linton Park Survey

1.Are you a resident of Linton or Stockton Township?
2.Having a beautiful, safe City Park is very important to me. Should Park beautification and safety improvements be a priority?
3.Does the park's playground equipment need updating and or safety improvements?
4.Community buildings in the park need improvements?
5.The historical field stone structures in the park are unique and should be preserved.
6.The park needs new or improved sport facilities such as resurfaced basketball courts and / or the adding additional pickleball courts?
7.Do you live within walking distance of Humphreys Park?
8.Overall, how would you rate the existing recreational facilities in Linton?
9.Here is a list of improvements that could be made to existing parks and facilities. Check all that are important to you.
10.Would you support adding a Trail system connecting Humphreys Park to the Conservation Club, Sunset and the Hospital?