2017-2018 Event Request

Thank you for your interest in bringing TWLOHA to your community! Please fill out the following survey with as much detail as possible. We do our best to attend as many conferences, events and festivals throughout the year. Our hope is we can visit your community too! We'll be in touch as soon as we can. 

* 1. Tell us about you!

* 2. Where would this event be held in your community?

* 3. If you selected a school, church, or venue please let us know your affiliation with the location.

* 4. Is this event part of another event or conference?

* 5. What kind of event are you hoping to bring to your community?

* 6. What do you imagine for this event? (Examples include having a speaker for an allotted amount of time, a question and answer segment, having a musician play, having a panel.)

* 7. Would multiple sessions be needed? (An example would be multiple church services.)

* 8. Are you over the age of 18 as of today?

* 9. If you are currently under the age of 18 and/or enrolled in school, you will need a parent/guardian/or administrator to oversee the event. The events held on school campuses must be overseen by an official campus representative. If you know their information please list it below:

* 10. Is there a specific date or timeline you are hoping to schedule this event? (Ex: 2nd week of November for an awareness week or simply Spring 2017) If you are not on a specific timeline, please just put "Timeline is flexible."

* 11. What is your current budget for this event? Please keep in mind that this will include travel expenses such as flights, lodging and transportation. Additionally, it will help cover payment for anyone outside of the TWLOHA staff (musician and/or licensed mental health counselor) as well as continue to raise funds for TWLOHA. We do our best to cater to the needs and wants of each event taking into consideration any budget constraints.

* 12. Would TWLOHA be able to sell merchandise at this event?

* 13. Have you reached out to any other TWLOHA accounts (general or otherwise)? Please list any other e-mails that may have received correspondence so we can streamline your request.

* 14. Why is it important for TWLOHA to visit your community?