The HB-HTA Interest Group of the HTAi (Health Technology Assessment International) is conducting a survey to define the current scenario of the Hospital-Based Health Technology Assessment (HB-HTA).
HB-HTA consists in the implementation of HTA activities “in” or “for” hospitals.
Our survey’s recipients are:
  • HB-HTA Doers: hospitals performing HTA or university centers or research institutions supporting hospitals in HTA activities.
  • Hospital not HTA Doers: hospitals not performing HTA activities.
  • Policy Makers: national or regional or local policy makers - HTA agencies included - involved in HTA activities. The category includes also university centers or research institutions which not directly support hospitals in HTA activities.
The aim is to collect data on current HB-HTA activities but also on the perception of the role, potentialities, and barriers for HB-HTA at the international level.

The survey is open to all, members and not members of HTAi.
We accept one reply for each responding organization. Before submitting your responses, please, discuss them with your colleagues.