1. Culture Night - Venue Form

Culture Night 2020 is being planned in line with current guidelines relating to the COVID-19 crisis. As these change, planning for the event will evolve. 
Event planners may choose to host more virtual events, events to take place outside, 'promenade' elements (where visitors pass by). All these are very much encouraged should your venue feel they are not in a position to commit to activities involving closer contact than is currently advised.
As we move towards Culture Night itself, venues plans may change - please keep us informed by email (below), so the most up to date information on your event can be publicised. 
Similarly, Cork City Culture Night may change how the overall event is promoted - eg more online, less print. Updates will similarly be shared.   
Notes to remember:
  • Culture Night 2020 is on Friday 18th September from 4pm.
  • Deadline for receipt of programme and information, including images, is 5pm on Tuesday June 30th, 2020. You can edit this form until then, once you do so on the same device.
  • All Venues, and their events, must be FREE to enter on Culture Night.
  • Venues need to be open after 5pm, and for at least 2 hours, although events specifically for young children may start earlier in the afternoon.
  • All venues are responsible for ensuring they have appropriate insurance cover, health and safety procedures (particularly considering current COVID-19 national guidelines) and data protection measures in place.
  • The Culture Night programme is listed by venue, not by organisation or event name. Each venue is responsible for their own programming. 
  • Venues intending to run events AS GAEILGE are recommended to also register with An tOireachtas who may have supports available.