2017-2018 Federal Programs Survey for Community Members. Your survey responses will be strictly confidential. Thank you very much for your time and support.

* 1. Date this survey was completed:


* 2. I am completing this survey for:

* 3. Compared to other schools in the state, the schools in our community are:

* 4. Compared to teachers in other areas, the teachers in our community are:

* 5. The suggestions below would have a great impact on improving schools and the quality of education.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree No Opinion
Smaller class sizes
Improved teacher training
Higher pay for teachers
Longer school days
Longer school years
More local control of decisions
More technology in the classrooms

* 6. What would be the single most important thing schools could do to improve education quality? Please state and briefly describe.

* 7. Local businesses and community agencies work closely with schools to provide needed services.

* 8. Community members' opinions are considered when making decisions.

* 9. Community members feel welcome on school campuses.

* 10. How often have you visited in a school in our district in the last twelve months?

* 11. The Philadelphia Public School District has adequate resources to provide a high quality education.

* 12. Schools provide an atmosphere where every student is encouraged to succeed.

* 13. Students are graduating from Philadelphia High School with the skills necessary to be employable.

* 14. Students and teachers feel safe at school.

* 15. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and weapons are a problem in our schools.

* 16. Is your opinion of our school district primarily based on:

* 17. I represent which segment - MARK ONLY ONE

* 18. Highest Level of Education

* 19. Would you join a community organization that would explore the issues involved in improving schools
and work with local officials to make schools better? If yes, please provide your contact information.

The following questions are intended to measure the climate of the Philadelphia Public School District. School climate can be defined as the impressions, beliefs and expectations about a school and the learning. Some elements of the school climate include safety, trust, respect, fairness, high expectations, and a welcoming environment. Results of this survey will be used to identify strengths and area that need improvement in regards to the climate of schools in the District.

* 20. Students and staff demonstrate high levels of respect for one another.

* 21. Most of the staff has a high level of trust and respect in parents and community members.

* 22. The majority of students feel valued and listened to.

* 23. I feel valued and listened to.

* 24. Parents feel valued and listened to.

* 25. Classrooms are positive places where teachers maintain a positive atmosphere.

* 26. Students learn to work together in the classroom.

* 27. The school recognizes and respects cultures reflected in the school make up.

* 28. Community members speak about the school in proud, positive terms.

* 29. The school is an extension of the family.

* 30. The school is an important/active part of the community.

* 31. The school is in tune with students and the community.

* 32. I feel comfortable coming to the school.

* 33. The school is perceived as welcoming to all.

* 34. There is open and honest communication among staff, students, parents and community members.

* 35. I have the opportunity to learn about what is going on in schools.

* 36. Students have access to the same level of education as other children in other school.

* 37. Students have access to extra curricular activities such as band, sports, drama, etc.

* 38. The school as an excellent learning environment.

* 39. The school has a good public image.

* 40. The school district has a good public image.

* 41. Overall, the school performs well academically.

* 42. Teacher helps others help children learn at home.

* 43. Teachers care about students as an individual.

* 44. I respect the school's teachers.

* 45. I respect the school's administrators.

* 46. The school board listens to parents.

* 47. I am proud of the school.

* 48. I am proud of the school district.