BUMC Small Groups Survey

This survey is to help determine the interest in expanding Small Groups at Bethel.   Your responses will help us determine the level of interest and types of groups we should consider.  There are only 10 questions and a sign-up for number attending the lunch on February 25th.  Please include your contact information if you intend to join us for lunch.

* 1. Contact Information (optional - If you do not want to participate in a small group)

* 2. Select the type of Small Groups would you be interested in joining?

* 3. Topics that would draw me into a small group study

* 4. Indicate your preferred depth of study:

* 6. Location for your small group? (select one)

  First Choice 2nd Preference 3rd Preference Do Not Like
Prefer to meet at church
Prefer an individual’s home
Prefer an off-site location: Coffee Shop
Prefer an off-site location: Local Restaurant

* 7. Are you interested in hosting a small group in your home or coordinating another location

* 8. Are you interested in facilitating a small group?  (Note: Training will be provided – Includes: assisting in finding a study source, leading the discussion, coordinating with host, etc. )

* 9. Do you know others outside Bethel you might invite to participate?

* 10. Will you be able to join our Small Group luncheon Feb 25th after the 10:55 service?
If so, please provide the following?

* 11. Thank You for your input!  Please provide any comments or questions you have and we will refer to these during the luncheon.