1. Introduction and background questions

This is a survey sponsored by the Digital Library Federation's ILS Discovery Interface Task Force. Information about the group and its activities can be found at https://project.library.upenn.edu/confluence/display/ilsapi/Home

This survey gathers information about desirable points of interaction between Integrated Library Systems, or ILS's (which manage library circulation, cataloging, online catalogs, and acquisition), and external discovery applications (applications outside of the traditional ILS that often support enhanced discovery of information resources). Our questions are designed to help us determine the types of interaction most useful for libraries, learn more about how ILS data and functionality is currently being integrated with external systems, and discover where more work is needed to enable desired integration.

The survey consists of 19 questions, in three parts: Background, Functionality, and Technical Details, followed by a short optional contact information section. Questions marked with a * are required, the others are optional

If you do not have the background needed to answer some of the technical or strategic questions, you may skip them (or answer "Don't know" if the question is required). We welcome responses from multiple respondents from the same institution, who might have different areas of expertise.

* 1. What best describes your relationship to libraries?

* 2. What library/institution are you most closely affiliated with? (If a library user, what library do you use most?)

* 3. If you are affiliated with a library as an employee, what is your role or job title?

* 4. What Integrated Library Systems (ILSs) does your library/institution currently use? Please check all that apply.

* 5. Is your library/institution considering adopting a new ILS in the next 24 months? If so, what ILS(s) are you considering? Please check all that apply.

* 6. How did you hear about this survey? Please check all that apply.