Building Services Survey

1.You've recently had contact with Dufferin County Building Services (or the online portal), what was the reason? (check all that apply)
2.What was the outcome of your contact with Building Services? (check all that apply)
3.If you applied for a permit, what was the purpose of your application?
4.Who did, or is doing the design work for your permit? (complete if applicable)
5.Who did, or is doing the construction or demolition work? (check all that apply)
6.How many building or demolition permits have you applied for in the last 5 years?
7.When applying for a permit through the online portal, what was your experience? (check all that apply)
8.From the time you applied for the permit, were you satisfied on the length of time it took to obtain a permit?
9.How satisfied were you with the permit and inspections process?
10.Please rate your overall experience.