As the Victorian population is growing, the sector has not been able to keep up with the staffing requirements for skilled and experienced workers.  The crisis is upon us now and Victorian Mental Health services cannot sustain services at the current staffing levels. 

This issue was first raised by HACSU 18 years ago in 2000 when HACSU submitted to the Victorian Government a detailed report warning on the impending staffing crisis. 

HACSU recognise that this issue is not only reflected in staffing shortages on our wards, but our community teams have suffered consistent defunding since the early 1990s. HACSU predict that an additional 280 EFT are needed across Victorian Community Mental Health teams to meet workload and service requirements. HACSU were successful in winning an important clause in the 2016-2020 EBA which provides for a Community Workload Managment System - allowing us to better understanding staffing issues in community services.

HACSU is confident that with workforce consultation and proper government investment this issue can be addressed and a sustainable workforce can be restored.

Please help us in the initial phase of this campaign by taking a few minutes to fill out this survey to tell HACSU about your experience with this issue.

Note that this survey is completely confidential and your name is not required to complete it. Your answers to this survey cannot breach any employer policies because it is a reflection of the sector as a whole and not your employer.