* 1. 2. Please select your school location:

* 2. Which of the following best describes the level at which you are currently employed to teach? (Please
select only one answer)

* 3. Which two of the following areas will you receive the most benefit from a staff development activity
addressing effective strategies and teaching methods:

* 4. From the list below, please select your top three choices for additional staff development opportunities:

* 5. Did you participate in staff development activities during 2013-2014?

* 6. If Yes, to what extent were the materials and resources provided in the staff development activities appropriate (Please select only one answer)

* 7. Did you participate in one of the ARI-PLG sessions during the course of this academic year?

* 8. To what extent do you feel the information provided during the ARI-PLG session was relevant and effective to your current teaching assignment?

* 9. I prefer to participate in staff development that is : (Select only one)

* 10. I prefer to participate in staff development that is: (Select only one)