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A.) Buffalo Chicken Club Sandwich – Grilled chicken, covered in buffalo hot sauce on a bun with tangy blue cheese. On top of the cheese, you add a couple of slices of bacon.
Submitted by Joseph Logemann.

B.) Korean Style Kimchi Reuben –  Marble rye, swiss cheese, Korean Island sauce, Kimchi, thin-sliced corned beef. Everything piled high & grilled to perfection.  
Submitted by Helen Berens.

C.) Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls – shredded chicken, wing sauce and cheese in an eggroll wrapper. Serve with ranch. Yum!
Submitted by Kerry Prideaux.

D.) Crunchy Banana PB Sandwich – A toasted sandwich filled with peanut butter, sliced bananas, and potato chips all served on white sourdough bread. Tah Dah!
Submitted by John Voros.

E.) Five Tool Player – Can't decide while in the concession line?...Enjoy 5 ballpark favorites all in one bite with this cheesesteak style sandwich! Chopped Cher-Make Pepperjack Bratwurst mixed with grilled and crumbled ground beef. Both sauteed and mixed with Onions and Green Peppers - Cheesesteak style. On a Pretzel Hoagie Roll Topped with: Tortilla Strips Jalapeno Slices Nacho Cheese Sauce Deep Fried Cheese Curds Finished with Bacon Crumbles  
Submitted by David Gallistel.

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* 1. Which Food Item Should Win?