We have developed a list of webinar topics based on conversations, feedback and past Summits.  As we develop the 2019 webinar schedule we would like to know what topics interest you the most.

Please note this list does not include webinar topics that have already been scheduled.

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* 1. On a scale of 1 (not interested) to 3 (very interested) please rate your interest in the following webinar topics.

  Not Interested Somewhat Interested Very Interested
Complex Collaboration Toolkit (available on HCA website)
Developing a Campus Mental Health Strategy
Developing and implementing am "Information Cheat Sheet"
Faculty Engagement
Holistic Mental Health Strategies Toolkit (available on the HCA website)
Online Mental Health Strategies
Parents and Post-Secondary
Pre Think Your Drink
Self Care / Self Compassion (practical exercise)
Student Engagement
Student Led Toolkit (available on HCA website)
Suicide Prevention
Supporting International Students
Parents and Post-Secondary

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* 2. Is there a webinar topic you are interested in that does not appear on the list above?  Please provide a brief description.

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* 3. Any additional comments?

Thank you for your input!