* 1. Name

* 2. Consider the development of some of the following elements to future-proof your creative practice:

Naming protocols for files & directories
File systems, version control, etc.
Physical backup – storage media & backing up, cloud backup
Keeping / Destroying content once the project is complete

Have you implemented any of these in your project? Give details of what you have done and how it's helped you manage and access your content:

* 3. Consider the following elements to future-proof your creative practice:

- "Tiering" - using social media systems, interlinking with similar sites, creating an online presence
- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Have you implemented any of these for your project (depending on your project, these may not be relevant)? Give details of what you have done and how it has helped you to promote your project

* 4. Have you made a plan for your creative content archive - what will you keep? How will you keep it? Where will you keep it? Things to consider:

What kinds of content do you create? images, videos, text files, animations, games, websites, email, other?

What is the function of your content? artworks, design, administration, documentation, promotion, social communication, evidence of transactions?

If you consider these types of content and their function, then which of those content "items" should be kept indefinitely? Which for a few years? Are there any reasons you might keep items longer, that would usually be deleted at the end of a project or after a short periods of time?

What about all the content you are keeping in online systems? Blogs, wikis, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo - how would you "archive" the content from these systems, and once you get the content out, how would you access it?

Trusted custodians - now and in the future – who would you give your passwords to?

Write a brief statement about your plan.

* 5. Write a brief archival description and statement of intent for your project that considers all of the implications discussed in the module – specifically looking at:

Source (what elements or components make up your project?);
Environment (what is the digital/virtual/physical environment for your project?);
Technology (what technology is required to access and engage with your project?);
Interaction (how does the audience interact with your project?); and
Intent for future re-presentation of the work (if relevant, are there different possible ways of presenting this work in the future?).

Where will you keep this documentation?