* 1. In which region of the world do you reside?

* 2. As we plan the 2019 World Forum, how important in our considerations should be the following features? Rate each item on a scale of 1 to 5 where a 1 indicates no importance and 5 indicates extreme importance. For those items you did not experience, select no opinion.

  1- No Importance 2 3 4 5- Extreme Importance
Focus on relationships
Focus on diversity of attendees
Local cultural performances
Delegate performances
Center tours
Presenter training
45-minute refreshment breaks
An ice-breaking activity such as the tangram puzzle
No host dinners
Pop up sessions
Annual Meeting
Children’s art exhibit
Lakeshore community project such as memory books
Block playground
Children’s Book exchange
Cultural activity on site such as the weaver

* 3. How did you find out about the 2017 World Forum?

* 4. In planning the 2019 World Forum, which presenters should we be sure to invite back?

* 5. What topics must we be sure to address at the 2019 World Forum?

* 6. Thank you for your confidential feedback.  Would you be willing to provide a statement about your experience that we can use to promote the World Forum to potential attendees, partners and sponsors?

* 7. If you were asked by a colleague why they should attend the 2019 World Forum, what would you say?

* 8. How did or will the 2017 World Forum impact you work and your life?

* 9. Your Name

* 10. Your Country