21things4students - Tech Skills Grades 3-5 HANDS-ONLINE 2017-18

Please complete the following short survey about your Grades 3-5 technology skills.

* 1. I can type two pages in one sitting

* 2. I can fix errors while typing in word processing programs

* 3. I can copy and paste text

* 4. I can change text on a page (center, bold, resize)

* 5. I can add and resize pictures on a computer document, presentation, or website

* 6. I can play videos and audio by using buttons on a screen and volume controls

* 7. I can drag items on a screen and drop them in a different location

* 8. I can use an online calculator to solve problems, including fractions

* 9. I can search the internet to find and summarize information

* 10. I can use research to support arguments

* 11. I can move from one website/application page to another by using buttons on the screen

* 12. I can scroll up and down on a website to find more information

* 13. I have a beginning understanding of source credibility when searching for information