21things4students - Tech Skills Grades 3-5 BASICS

Please complete the following short survey about your Grades 3-5 technology skills.

* 1. I can type two pages in one sitting

* 2. I can fix errors while typing in word processing programs

* 3. I can copy and paste text

* 4. I can change text on a page (center, bold, resize)

* 5. I can add and resize pictures on a computer document, presentation, or website

* 6. I can play videos and audio by using buttons on a screen and volume controls

* 7. I can drag items on a screen and drop them in a different location

* 8. I can use an online calculator to solve problems, including fractions

* 9. I can search the internet to find and summarize information

* 10. I can use research to support arguments

* 11. I can move from one website/application page to another by using buttons on the screen

* 12. I can scroll up and down on a website to find more information

* 13. I have a beginning understanding of source credibility when searching for information

* 14. If your are going to print this, please ask your teacher. You can type your first name and first letter of your last name or an ID number. Please do not put your whole last name. Thanks