Thank you for attending a workshop presented by Educational Technology and Life. We hope this was an inspiring learning experience. Please take a few moments to complete this evaluation. Select the appropriate response for each question, and please leave us comments in the open ended questions at the end. If you have questions about this workshop, please contact Mark Wagner at

* 1. The facilitator was well prepared.

* 2. The facilitator was knowledgeable.

* 3. The facilitator was dynamic and engaging.

* 4. This workshop focused on the educational use of technology, and not only on the technology itself.

* 5. This workshop engaged me as a learner.

* 6. I actively participated in this workshop.

* 7. This workshop inspired me to try new things as an educator.

* 8. I will use what I have learned in my role as an educator.

* 9. Overall, I felt this workshop was an excellent learning experience.

* 10. I want to learn more about this topic.

* 11. Please share any additional comments and feedback.

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