* 1. Are you a:

* 2. How often do you buy coffee or hot drinks at UCSC?

* 3. How often do you Bring Your Own Mug to get coffee/tea on campus?

* 4. Were you previously aware that you can get discounts at ALL coffee shops if you Bring Your Own Mug
for ANY drink ANY SIZE? (ex. 10cent discount on beverages at all UC Santa Cruz Dining facilities. See the list of cafes in question 6)

* 5. Were you previously aware of the BYOM paper stamp card* that can be used at all Dining-owned coffee shops?
(*Available at each Dining-operated café, get your card stamped when you bring your own mug to get the 8th drink free)

* 6. Which Coffee Place do you go to most for getting hot beverage? (Check all that apply)

* 7. How often do you drink your beverage inside the cafe?

* 8. Did you know that Perks, Global Village Cafe, Oakes Café, Owl’s Nest and Banana Joe's use compostible cups?

* 9. Choose your preferences if you would like us to give away mugs:

From the UCSC Sustainability Office, Zero Waste Team

Did you know that...?
- UCSC has trashed 1,500,000+ Cups and Lids in 1.5 years.
- Paper cups are not recyclable because they contain a plastic waxy coating inside.
- Although coffee lids are plastic, they are made of polystyrene and are NOT recyclable either.
- You can avoid .25lbs of CO2 emissions by avoiding 1 paper cup.
- From 2010-2012 UCSC spent $72,239.82 on Cups, Lids, & Sleeves.