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* 1. To what degree are you earning your living as a photographer?

* 2. How do you market and sell your photos, vectors, clipart, video or other digital content (select all that apply)?

* 3. Which agencies/web sites do you work with?

* 4. What keeps you from posting your work to more sites?

* 5. In general, rate the following aspects of your relationship with the sites you work with if this applies?

  Always Most of the Time Rarely Never Doesn't Apply
They have an international presence
They are easy to work with
They make me a lot of money
They offer detailed reports of my earnings
They are respected within the industry
They keep in contact with me
They pay a fair percentage

* 6. Which of the following do you value the most? You can click more than one box if it applies.

* 7. What do you like most/least about the sites that you work with?

* 8. Would you recommend Cutcaster to other contributors or buyers? If not, why?

* 9. What is a fair royalty split between yourself and the sites you use? Please state the percentage you would like to receive for an exclusive and then non exclusive image on a site.

* 10. What financial metrics, if any, do you use to track the success of your business? Please check off the choices that apply to you and if there are none leave it blank.