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Are you interested in local impact investing?

Take 10C's 2019 Community Investing Survey in support of the Smart Cities Circular Food Economy.

This survey is being conducted for 10 Carden Shared Space (10C) by Terrapin Social Finance and should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Over the last three years 10C has successfully raised $2 Million by selling interest-bearing community bonds to community members and organizations that want to support 10C's mission through direct impact investing.

Given the success of 10C's community bond program and the fact that other community projects require capital investment, this survey has been developed to gauge community interest in direct impact investing. Our goal is to understand as much as we can to improve and expand community-based social finance.

All information shared with 10C will be anonymized.

Jargon Alert: In this survey we refer to direct impact investing to indicate that investment is flowing directly to a community organization rather than an impact investment into a commercial ESG (environmental, social, governance) equity or bond fund.

We greatly appreciate the time you take to share your thoughts and insights.

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* 1. Are you considering social impact investing?

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