Use of Questionnaires

In specified circumstances, CCSA can approve the use of written questionnaires in lieu of verbal interviews for COR Certification, Re-Certification and Maintenance Audits. 

Before deciding to use written interview questionnaires as an alternative to verbal interviews for workers, employers and auditors should consider the following factors:
  • Does this method provide a better opportunity to gather feedback from workers than face-to-face interviews?
  • Will the workers who participate have adequate reading and writing skills to complete the questionnaire?
  • Will the questionnaire respondents be able to write out a full answer, not just “yes” or “no?”
  • Questionnaires can only be used for up to 50% of the worker interview sample and cannot be used to gather manager and supervisor interview data.
Note: Partnerships allows employers in the health care sector to exceed the 50% maximum for worker questionnaires and may use a proxy in place of auditor to administer questionnaires during declared public health emergencies.  Please contact the CCSA COR team for more details