1. Meeting Evaluation

* 1. Contact Information (Optional)

* 2. Did you like the change to recording year end training rather than attending a live session?

* 3. Were the PowerPoint slides useful in the learning of the material presented?  Please provide feedback.

* 4. Was the Audio on the PowerPoint Slides of Good Quality?  Please provide feedback.

* 5. Give reasons why you did or did not find the new training method effective.

* 6. Were there sufficient examples provided within the PowerPoint slide and audio presentation?

* 7. Please select the appropriate number in your evaluation of the following:

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor N/A
Introduction / Budget Control / JE Preparation - Esteban Hernandez
Schedule A - Due To / From Other Funds - Caroline Santos
Schedule B / T-12 - Due From Other Governments - Gladys Smith
Schedule C - Operating Accounts Receivables - Susan Garcia-Bocanegra
Schedule G / V-12  - Due to Other Governments - Nhat Nguyen
Schedule H - Capital Leases - Reggie Arhin
Year End Accounts Payable - Mary Yip
Schedule I - Accounts Payable Other - Mary Yip
Schedule K - Encumbrances - Tanya Harris
Schedules L-1 thru L-3 - Deferred Inflows of Resources and Advances from Grantors - Paul Robles
Schedule M - Prepaid Expenditures - Paul Robles
Schedule N -  Transmittal Letter - Esteban Hernandez
Schedule P - Bank Accounts Controlled by a Department - Susana Garcia-Bocanegra
Schedule Q - Construction in Progress - Echel Ybenez
Schedule R - Contingent Liabilities - Mary Yip
Schedule W - Revolving Fund - Susana Garcia-Bocanegra
Schedule Y - Pollution Remediation - Mary Yip
Delivery Instructions - Esteban Hernandez

* 8. Overall Evaluation

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
Year End Training - June 2017

* 9. Additional Comments