Business-Specific Questions

Questions 1-6, are basic questions about development businesses in Lee's Summit.
This survey is Anonymous.

* 1. How would you categorize the company that you own/work for based on its development market?

* 2. Has your company developed/built in Lee's Summit in the last ten years?

* 3. What is the type of development has your company been involved in? (Check All That Apply)

* 4. If you said residential in #3, which type of structures do you build? (Check All That Apply)  
Otherwise you can skip to #7

* 5. If you said single family detached structures on #4, what are the price ranges?  (Check All That Apply)
Otherwise you can skip to #6

* 6. If you said rental structures on #4, what are the ranges of rent? (Check All That Apply) Otherwise you can skip to #7