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* 1. How well organized was #BSidesBUD2017?

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* 5. If we would remunerate our speakers next time, how much money would you provide towards that? (ticket price)

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Zoltán Balázs - Hacking IP cameras through the cloud
M4xk & Sıx - Legend of Windows – A Link to the Hash
Tobias Schrödel - Hacking toys, lamps and other stuff
Péter Höltzl - Getting the most out of security logs using syslog-ng
Csaba Fitzl - IOC sharing – we are doing it wrong
Paul Coggin - Hallowed be thy packets
Tamás Hetesi - Security issues about backup
Tamás Boczán - Cheating - The malware for video games
Jeff Hamm - What the Shell? Powering through PowerShell Forensics
Dr. László Erdődi - Analysis of the exploitation of heap usage based memory corruption
Pedram Hayati - A cost effective way to setup a Deceptive Defence environment

* 7. Please rate the workshops considering content, speakers style and implementation!

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Milán Gábor - Visualization BIG DATA
Gábor Katus - Developing Cuckoo modules (in Hungarian)
Dávid Szili - Getting the most out of Windows Events Logs
Miklós Desbordes-Korcsev - Hands-on with JavaScript analysis in WinDBG