Hello from CIWI.

I am reaching out to Real Estate Development+A/E+Construction firms that are interested in joining the CIWI 2018 program. Opportunities range from sponsoring an intern to providing funding to support CIWI.

What is CIWI? 
Construction Industry and Workforce Initiative (CIWI), is a young adult internship program targeted to students (18-21 +/- years) enrolled in a two- to four year- college program.  CIWI program include a three-month internship as well as numerous opportunities to network, gain greater understanding of the Bay Area real estate and construction industry, and make new friends and future business contacts.

Please review the following CIWI resources to get more information on the program. 

CIWI 2016 Impact Video
CIWI 2016 Impact Report
CIWI Website
CIWI Goals for Interns.
CIWI goals are to provide direct construction industry work experience, a civic engagement component (networking, leadership and mentor targeting personal, educational and career development) for young adults with an interest in Construction, Real Estate Development, Architecture and Engineering, and Civic Engagement - so that they may gain a greater awareness of the construction industry, which may ultimately lead to pursuing education and career opportunities within the field. 

Are you interested?
If you are interested in learning more and/or would like to be a sponsor for the 2018 program, please complete the enclosed survey.  We look forward to hearing from you!