1. Your New Orleans Property Wish List

* 1. While your opinions on the type of home you want to own may change during the home buying process, please use my easy checklist to help you prioritize and make the shopping process less time consuming.
Please include your name and address in the box below.

What is most important to you in buying your house?

* 2. What neighborhoods would you prefer?

* 3. What architectural style(s) of homes do you prefer?

* 4. Do you want a one-story or two-story house?

* 5. How old a home would you consider?

* 6. How much repair or renovation would you be willing to do?

* 7. Do you have special facilities or needs that your home must meet?

* 8. Do you require a fenced yard or other amenities for your pets?

* 9. How close do you need to be to: (in blocks)

* 10. If applicable, what school systems do you want to be near?