1. Summer Games 2012 London, England Questionnaire

Please take a moment to provide your input to assist our planning department with the creation of a Summer Games 2012 London, England travel program.

In previous Games, we've created programs of varying lengths from (3) three to (18) nights.

Please keep these options in mind and thank you for your feedback.

* 1. Excluding Extensions, how many nights would you like to stay in London during the Games? (You can choose more than one option.)

* 2. What Level of Hotel are you Looking For? (You can choose more than 1 option.)

* 3. Our travel programs include air between the USA and London but you will also have the option to do your own air. Do you prefer an air inclusive program or would you prefer to make your own air arrangements?

* 4. Please rank the following aspects for your accommodations from 1 - 4 with 1 being most important and 4 being least important.

  1 2 3 4
Broad Array of Service Levels (Standard, Deluxe etc)

* 5. Generally our programs include daily breakfasts. Would you also like an optional meal plan for lunch and/ or dinner?