High Tech - Heck Yes! A Research Survey on Smart Speakers

Hello! We are a group of GFU MBA students looking for smart speaker users to participate in a few questionnaires. This survey will only take about 1.06 minutes of your time and may result in free pizza and Ice cream! Please note that a smart speaker is like the Amazon Echo or a Google Home.  

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. Do you own a smart speaker? (i.e. Amazon Echo)

* 3. What smart speaker device do you own?

* 4. Would you be willing to participate in a 30 minute - hour long focus group? (A focus group is basically a fun group interview filled with activities.) 

* 5. Would you be willing to produce a personal video (Made with your smartphone device or high tech camera if you are that cool!) answering 5-10 questions about your smart speaker? (Video snippets will only be shared upon your approval)

* 6. If you said yes to Q4 and/or Q5 please add in your contact information.