Things you need to know before beginning

Thanks for participating in this survey. The CAPER Team and the AAVSO are interested in knowing more about how people think about astronomy. One of the things we'd like to know is what content people do or don't know about astronomy content.

The survey you are about to take is one that CAPER has given to several other groups. In this edition of the Test Of Astronomy STandards (the TOAST), we are interested in how variable star astronomers will answer the questions, how that compares to other kinds of groups, and how traits of the AAVSO members might influence their responses.

Before completing the survey there are some things that you should know:

*Your name will never be associated with the answers that you give on the survey. NEVER. No one will ever know how you, as an individual, responded to the survey questions. We don't peek at participants' scores.

*We are asking for your name and for some other demographic information. We're doing that because we might want to collect more information from you later, and if we have your name, we can merge those data sets and learn even more. As you know, it's pretty easy to do this without peeking at how each person might have answered the questions. Again: no peeking.

*Cheating or looking up the answers doesn't benefit anyone. We are interested in how AAVSO members answer these questions "off the cuff." If you look up answers, you'll mess up the data, so please resist the temptation.

*Your participation here is completely voluntary. The data that we receive from the AAVSO members will be used to help researchers learn about cognition in astronomy, and it will be shared with the members at the October meeting. We think that will be fun. Other than that, there is a low probability that you will benefit from providing us with your data. On the other hand, we believe that there is no risk to you for participating, and we will do everything we can to insure your privacy.

When you finish the survey, please press submit. Pressing submit indicates that you have read and understood the description of this survey, and that you agree to participate. Thanks again for your time, and we hope to see you in Boston!