Vote for your favourite Flash Fiction

Thanks for supporting Flash Fiction by reading the entries and giving your opinion on which you consider to be the most enjoyable story. 

"Peoples Choice” Competition is a fun, completely separate and voluntary option to the more seriously judged annual Twisted Tales Flash Fiction Competition. 

It is included as part of the competition to promote the competitors stories to a wider audience, whilst giving authors something a little different to focus on while they are waiting for the results, other than tap their fingers with impatience.

The winner of "Peoples Choice" takes pride as first story in the printed Anthology and is chosen through votes from the public.  

All stories who have opted to be part of this are available to be read on Annie on Writing

Choose one option by clicking on the title in the following survey.

Results for the Peoples Choice will be posted on the facebook page on the 16th of July, 2016.

Winning entries will be collated into an ebook anthology which will be made FREELY available from the website and possibly other sites which would promote the work. 

The printed (hard copy) publication of Twisted Tales 2016 has the projected publication November.

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* 1. Which Flash Fiction, posted on the website is your pick for "Peoples Choice" ? (one choice only)

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* 2. Twisted Tales will be available on Amazon on both Kindle and as a paperback in November this year. Please leave your email address if you'd like to be notified of the launch or if you'd like to receive the free PDF version of it.