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The following assessment tool should be used to get a concise “snapshot” of the completeness and quality of standard practices conducted within your organisation. 


This checklist includes the following topics:
  • How to Use the Tool
  • Human Resources
How to Use the Tool

The above-listed topics include a variety of indicators for that topic. Each of the many indicators in this tool suggests a management practice needed to have a healthy and well-managed organisation. Since it is a self-assessment tool, organisations should honestly evaluate themselves against each indicator as such candor or brutal honestly will enable it to make appropriate changes and strengthen its operations.

Ratings of Each Indicator

Each indicator is rated based on its importance to the operation and effectiveness of the organisation.  Thus, the ratings could be interpreted as representing “best practices.” 

The ratings are:

1. E – Indicators marked with an "E" are essential or basic requirements to the operations of all organisations.  Organisations that do not meet the terms of these indicators have a high likelihood of failure.

2. R – Indicators marked with an "R" are recommended as standard practices for effective organisations. Absence of these practices can lead to significant inefficiency and lack of effectiveness within the organisation.

3. A – Indicators marked with an “A” can enhance and strengthen operations. These practices can help an organisation “build to last” if properly implemented.

Possible Responses to Each Indicator

There are 2 possible responses to each indicator:
1. Met – Each indicator marked as "Met" indicates that the organisation has met the terms of that indicator.  However, the organisation should review this indicator again in the future to ensure the conditions are acceptable in view of the variety of internal and external changes, which constantly occur in all organisations.

2. Needs work – Each indicator marked as "Needs Work" indicates that improvement is required to meet the terms of the indicator. The organisation is aware of the terms for that indicator and is working towards meeting these terms.