GSLSC Carnival  4,  20th January 2018 at Moana

Nominations for Senior Carnival 5 are now open. Nominations can now be entered through this survey. 

The format for this carnival will include: U14 & U15 – Flags, Sprints, Board, iron, Surf Race.

U17, U19 & Open – Flags, Sprint, Board, Ski, Iron, Surf Race.

Boats - Open ,Reserve, u/23, u/19 (state team selection)

* 1. Your name for entry purposes.

* 2. Gender

* 3. Which age group are you competing in? Note one 'cannot double dip' (compete in u/17 and u/19) or compete in u/17 and above without a Bronze.

* 4. What events do you wish to compete in? Please note the Event list for age groups above

* 5. Where can you aid us with Carnival 5 ? Note we need 8 officials, Team Managers and Gear towing.