The Oregon Speech-Language & Hearing Association is in the beginning stages of advocating for workload legislation at the state level for school-based Speech-Language Pathologists. If you work as a Speech-Language Pathologist within the school system (birth-21) we are requesting you complete this survey by 10/11/2020. Your responses will be anonymous. 

Participants have the option to enter a drawing upon the completion of this survey (most questions require you to choose at least one option) by entering your contact information. 1 entry per person. Winners drawn at random. Generous prizes have been donated by Peachie Speechie, Social Thinking, Northern Speech Services,, The Informed SLP, and Super Power Speech.

The purpose of this survey is to assist OSHA in gathering information regarding the following: 
  1. General workload for EI/ECSE school-based SLPs across the state; 
  2. How individual districts handle caseload/workload; 
  3. How distance learning impacts workloads, and; 
  4. Advocate for workload needs at the state level. It will also help determine what areas of workload need special considerations as well as know how best to support & advocate for EI/ECSE school-based SLPs in Oregon. 
The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) “ longer recommends a specific caseload number for the following reasons:

There is no research to support a specific caseload size.
The needs of students receiving speech-language services vary greatly, and a specific caseload number does not take into account this variation. For example, a caseload of 40 students with very mild communication disorders could be manageable, whereas a caseload of 40 students with severe disabilities is not likely to support the provision of a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).”

The Oregon Education Association (OEA) is assisting OSHA in sharing this survey with SLPs in Oregon. 

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