Please complete the following post-test as a requirement of receiving CME credit for this module.

* 1. Please leave your name and email address so that you may receive credit for the post-test.

* 2. You are preparing to complete an evaluation on your junior medical student. With regards to her clinical skills, she accurately obtains most of the pertinent information from her history and physical examination. She is able to generate a reasonable differential diagnosis for her level of training and make an appropriate assessment of her patients’ condition(s). She proposes further plans for diagnosing and/or managing her patient based on her assessment. According to the RIME method of evaluation, this student is functioning at which level:

* 3. You are preparing to meet with your junior medical student for mid-clerkship feedback. He is in no danger of failing the rotation, but based on the following observations, you feel that he’s not putting in his best effort: 1) He’s often 5-10 minutes late each morning; 2) He does not actively seek out opportunities to see patients; 3) He does not seem to be reading about his patients; 4) His patient presentations continue to be too long and lacking focus despite your efforts to help him improve them. Among the following options, what would be the best strategy to begin your session with this student?

* 4. Students frequently complain that they “never get enough feedback” from their preceptors. List two strategies you will use to help provide more feedback to your students in the coming year.