Autodesk Future of Work Survey

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* 1. Alexa: "Let’s open Project Toronto."

When do you think reality capture techniques (such as laser scanning) will be part of your workflow?

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* 2. Alexa: "Let’s look at a quick view of the 2nd floor plan and start the space planning mode."

Based on the workflows that you use today, when do you think use of automated space planning tools will become commonplace?

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* 3. Suppose we wanted to have our span planning tool consider “views to the outside” when assigning office locations for our employees. To maximize the number of employees who are happy about their office assignments, we’d consider their preferences as captured in an employee preference survey.

"Alexa: Let's import the employee preference survey data into the model."

When do you think such a level of detail could be commonplace in space planning?

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* 4. Office locations are about more than views to the outside. Let’s consider other factors such as sitting employees who work together near each other as well as the amount of natural light in various parts of our building.

"Alexa: Launch the study and provide me with 1,000 design options."

Given what you know about facility management today, when do you think such a sophisticated level of processing could be commonplace in space planning?

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* 5. Given a choice, would you wait for the 3 hours for the full lighting analysis or forge ahead with the 7-second one?

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* 6. Generative design software can generate thousands of designs based on criteria and plot them.

"Alexa: Display all of the options in one view."

"Alexa: Show me three plot diagrams that map the options based on the design criteria."

Based on how do design now, when do you think that generative design will be commonplace?

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* 7. Given a set of generated designs, we could prioritize a subset of our criteria.

"Alexa: Show me the 10 designs that score highest in productivity, employee work style preference, and lighting."

Given the workflow that you use now, when do you think that you would work in this fashion?

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* 8. Should automatable tasks be assigned to machines instead of people?

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* 9. Given the information provided by the tool, we could select one and request that a proposal package to the client and contractors.

"Alexa: Option 5 looks good. Let's go with that one. Send a proposal package to the client and contractors."

Considering your workflow today, when do you think that you would add routine use of AR/VR into it?

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* 10. How do you view machine learning and artificial intelligence?