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Back to the Family by Dr. Ray Guarendi (Friday keynote)
You're a Better Parent than You Think!  by Dr. Ray Guarendi (Saturday keynote)
​A Living Education with Charlotte Mason  by Jennifer Mackintosh
Mixed Motivation: Why Some Things Get Done and Some Don’t by Sterling Jaquith
Practical Strategies to Live Peaceful Lives in the Midst of Stress and Anxiety by Maureen & Jim Otremba
Beginning Homeschooling: Beyond the Basics by Cathie Baier 
My Re-Conversion Story  by Dr. Ray Guarendi
Less Is More – Catholic Minimalism  by Sterling Jaquith
The Three Biggest Pitfalls in Homeschooling – and How to Avoid Them!  by Pam Patnode
The Eucharist as Weekly Marriage Enrichment by Maureen & Jim Otremba
The Morning Basket - Ageless & Inspiring by Jennifer Mackintosh
​Education in Virtue by Sr. Mary David Klocek
Struggling Readers – Information and Resources that offer Help and Hope by Pam Patnode
​Dinner with Socrates: Making Your Table a Place of Discussion by Kenneth Rolling​
Friday Seminar: High School & Beyond by Linda Lopez
Friday Seminar: THE STRATEGIC STUDENT by Jeannie Burlowski and Navigating Higher Education by Dr. Michael Naughton and Dr. John Boyle