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Thank you for your interest in this study. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you are putting forth to complete this survey. I am conducting a study of social and political attitudes, and how they may relate to aspects of patriotism and perceptions of police. At the current time, this study is limited to either Black/African-American or White, U.S. citizens. Please read the consent form below, which provides important information about participation in this study.


Patriotism and Perceptions of Police amongst Black/African American and White American Individuals


The purpose of the present study is to examine the relationship between patriotism and perceptions of police based on social and political attitudes for Black/African American and White American individuals.


If you continue, you will be provided an online survey and asked to answer some questions. Your answers will remain anonymous. Participation in this study is voluntary; even if you begin the study, you may decide to leave the survey at any time. You also retain the option to not answer any questions or portions of the survey.


There are no anticipated risks of this study beyond possible discomfort answering questions about your racial identity, stress or attitudes toward police. If you do encounter discomfort with this survey, please remember that you may discontinue at any time. The benefit of this study is assisting with a contribution to research addressing racial disparities, which will allow for stronger, more sound empirical research. After completion of the study, participants may enter for the opportunity to win 1 of 5 $20 Amazon Gift Cards. The participant understands that Louisiana Tech is not able to offer financial compensation nor to absorb the costs of medical treatment should you be injured as a result of participating in this research.

Online Data Collection

This study has been approved by the Louisiana Tech University Institutional Review Board (IRB). IRB approval is indicative only of the fact that procedures implemented by this study adequately protect the rights and the welfare of participants. While your data will remain confidential unless otherwise required by law, please remember that absolute confidentiality cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of Internet and computer use. To best ensure confidentiality, please be sure to close your browser when finished. In addition, the Institutional Review Board, the sponsor of the study, and the University or government officials responsible for monitoring this study may inspect these records. The following disclosure applies to all participants using online survey tools: This server may collect information and your IP address indirectly and automatically via “cookies”.

Questions or Concerns

If you have questions concerning your rights as a research participant or if you wish to report any concerns about the study, please contact the supervisor to the Primary Investigator, Melanie M. Lantz, Ph.D., at or (318) 257-4131.

Members of the Human Use Committee of Louisiana Tech University may also be contacted if a problem cannot be discussed with the experimenters: Dr. Richard Kordal, Director of Intellectual Properties,, (318) 257-2484.

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