AmeriCorps Opportunity for Summer 2022

Are you interested in increasing the capacity of your summer program?

Applications are now open to Iowa-based summer learning programs that want to enhance their capacity to develop high-quality lesson plans that promote learning amongst high-need youth and mitigate summer learning loss experienced by some students. Lesson plans will consist of innovative and tailored approaches that adhere to the Dimensions of Success (DoS) observation tool, a nationally recognized, best practice framework used to track the quality of learning opportunities such as the Iowa Afterschool Alliance's Summer Ladders AmeriCorps Program.  

What we’re looking for in host sites:
· Support with recruiting and interviewing potential AmeriCorps members for placement in your program.
· Ability to supervise the AmeriCorps Member, including coaching and mentoring to meet program goals; approving time sheets; discipline; and role modeling good collaboration, communication, and leadership.
· Provide a strong staff orientation to the program, as well as ongoing professional development throughout the service period.
· Commitment to evaluation: The Iowa Afterschool Alliance will administer brief pre-and post-program evaluations to assess each site's capacity and access to high-quality lesson plans.
· Commitment to ensuring a good Member experience.

How much will this cost?
The cost-share to host a Member (the amount you will be responsible for as a host site) is $2,183 for the entire summer (300 hours of service), which breaks down to $7.27 per hour. 

From the end of May through to August, AmeriCorps members will each receive a stipend of $4,086, the equivalent of $13.62 per hour to cover living expenses. That’s a $1,086 increase from the last year, thanks to the additional support we secured through combined federal COVID relief and Volunteer Iowa grants and funding.  

Where do I sign up?
Complete this short survey to tell us about your program and express your interest in Summer Ladders 2022. The Iowa Afterschool Alliance will consider all interested programs and make our decision for host sites by mid-February 2022. In February, there will be an informational webinar for these selected host sites to learn more about the program and have their questions answered.

An answer of "no" to any question on this survey is not necessarily disqualifying. Please answer honestly according to the information you have at this time.

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Program Manager, Emmanuela Noi at with your inquiries.

We hope to hear from you soon!