* 1. How would you like your PSDR? Would you be interested in a kit or a fully assembled PSDR? With or without a housing? (Please check all that apply)

* 2. Would you buy a PSDR2 now (the current model on the blog and in the videos) with its current limitations (very low transmit power, no front end filtering, currently non-functional speaker) or would you wait for a future version. I don't know when the next version will be available. Sales of PSDR2s will help fund future versions.

* 3. How would you like the case? Metal, plastic, or would you make your own (and save some money)?

* 4. How much would a PortableSDR be worth to you?

* 5. What color would you like the case to be?

* 6. How about the front cover?

* 7. Do you care about transmitting? How much power does the PSDR need to have for you to be interested?

* 8. Are you interested in and/or planning on helping with software development for the PSDR?

* 9. Is it important that the PCB be easy to modify? For example, using less integrated parts, and including places to break connections between circuit blocks?

  Doesn't matter Nice, but not a big deal It's important to me

* 10. If you'd like me to email you when the PortableSDR is available, please include your email here. Any anouncements will also show up on the project blog.