Dear colleague,

Thank you for your time to complete this survey. We are seeking input and engagement from everyone across UHN to inform the creation of our strategic path forward for UHNWomen and the UHN Women’s Health Program.

We are thrilled for the opportunity to hear from different people across the organization. 

What is UHNWomen? UHNWomen is a program to help empower and further uplift TeamUHN and A Healthier World. Women face unique gender-based challenges that span across a wide spectrum. These experiences impact everyone and compromise organizational outcomes – not only in terms of well-being, but also performance. An uplifted culture inspiring and generating interpersonal and organizational support, openness, resources, partnership, multi-directional learning, and mentorship, and more, will improve outcomes for all, including staff and patients and across career levels.

What is UHN Women’s Health Program? UHNWomen is also committed to ensuring the needs of patients by creating a UHN Women’s Health Program under the Lillian Love Chair. We are undertaking an inventory of current activity in women’s health at UHN (including research, education, clinical care, and other) to also bring together people in an institution-wide Women’s Health program that generates networking, collaboration, and other opportunities.


UHNWomen and the UHN Women’s Health Program Team