Tell Us What You Want From Your Social Buzz Club

We are in the process of making the Social Buzz Club your online space to get the word out about your good work organically via social media influencers. We want to make sure we design it so you love it. Tell us what would make it be your preferred place for to amplify your influence on the social networks.

Once you've completed the survey please send an email with to with subject: I Took The SBC Survey. Include your Social Buzz Club USERNAME in the message. We'll apply 15 POINTS to your Social Buzz Club account for completing the survey.

* 1. Why did you join the Social Buzz Club?

* 2. What's been most valuable for you since you've been a member?

* 3. What changes would most improve the Social Buzz Club?

* 4. How frequently do you use these features on the Social Buzz Club?

  Daily 3-6 times per week 2 times per week Once a week 2 times per month Once a Month Less than once a month Never used this feature
Submit YOUR Buzz
Share Other's Buzz
Schedule Buzz to be shared
Add people to your Buzz Group
Attend Webinars or Review from Learning Center
Access the Forum
Read email you receive from SBC
Read the Social Buzz Club blog
Contribute to the Social Buzz Club blog
Contact other Social Buzz Club members

* 5. What value would Social Buzz Club have to offer for you to be likely to pay for our service?

* 6. How much per month would you be willing to consider investing to continue receiving this value? (check all that apply)

* 7. If our new service were available today, how likely would you be to use it?

* 8. If you are not likely to use Social Buzz Club with your suggested features, why not?

* 9. Overall, are you satisfied with your experience using the Social Buzz Club, neither satisfied or dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it?

* 10. If our new service were available today, how likely would you be to recommend it to others?