GMRC 2019 Regional Plan Update

The Georgia Mountains Regional Commission (GMRC) serves a 13 county area in northeastern Georgia encompassing scenic landscapes with historic and rustic communities.  Our region is rapidly evolving from a historic textile and agricultural-based economy to one based more on tourism, services, and goods distribution.  

The GMRC is in the process of updating its State required Regional Plan.  This document is used to help coordinate the ways the GMRC serves its member communities and works to advance State programs and initiatives.  The Regional Plan provides guidance as the GMRC shapes its annual work program and pursues projects that will best improve the community and economic development practices throughout the region.

Please offer your thoughts and responses to the following 26 questions and feel free to submit any additional questions and comments to our offices (c/o regarding any way you think the GMRC can better serve this region and our member governments.  Your input will be used to help identify priorities for the region and in developing the future agenda for the GMRC.

Thank you for your time and participation!
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